April 13th, 2006

We are a family of four. Buzz, Nancy and our daughter, Zibby who was born 2-04, and our son, Henry who was born 9-07

I discovered the concept of unschooling while I was first pregnant, and immediately thought, “YES”.
Soon after my daughter was born, I met some real life unschoolers at a La Leche Leauge meeting. They invited me to come check out their group, which I did. It is fantastic to have such an active and interesting local homeschool community.

I identify as an Unschooler.

To me, this means that we are all able to pursue our interests, follow our dreams, and spend time doing what we love. My children have never been to school. We have an interesting, fun, and busy life without school. They have lots of friends and very active social lives. They are bright, curious, friendly and funny kids.

This blog is a way for us to capture what our life looks like, and share with friends, family, and anyone else who might be interested :)

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Quote from Sandra Dodd about Unschooling:
Although unschooling is often described as a homeschooling style, it
is, in fact, much more than just another homeschool teaching method.
Unschooling is both a philosophy of natural learning and the
lifestyle that results from living according to the principles of
that philosophy.
The most basic principle of unschooling is that children are born
with an intrinsic urge to explore — for a moment or a lifetime —
what intrigues them, as they seek to join the adult world in a
personally satisfying way. Because of that urge, an unschooling child
is free to choose the what, when, where and how of his/her own
learning from mud puddles to video games and SpongeBob Squarepants to
Shakespeare! And an unschooling parent sees his/her role, not as a
teacher, but as a facilitator and companion in a child’s exploration
of the world.

Unschooling is a mindful lifestyle which encompasses, at its core, an
atmosphere of trust, freedom, joy and deep respect for who the child
is. This cannot be lived on a part-time basis. Unschooling sometimes
seems so intuitive that people feel they’ve been doing it all along,
not realizing it has a name. Unschooling sometimes seems so
counterintuitive that people struggle to understand it, and it can
take years to fully accept its worth.

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