happy new year 2012

January 25th, 2012

Its been 6 months since my surgery to fix my broken leg (tibial plateau fracture. who knew I had a tibial plateau? not me)
I am done with physical therapy appointments, but am seeing a chiropractor for a little help with my ankle movement.

So, while I was down with my broken leg, I made Buzz finally get an xray on his bad hip. I cant even remember how long its been bad, but its been seriously bad for at least two years. Turns out he needs a whole new hip altogether. So, next Wednesday he goes in to get it. I wish it were as easy as that sentence was to write. Like, just stopping in at the pharmacy for the new hip. Alas, it is going to be surgery, and we are nervous and anxious, but also, I feel so glad that we can finally move forward to getting him to feel better. He has been in such pain for so long, I doubt he remembers what its like to just walk around pain free.

So thats our major news. I feel like for sure the last 6 months we have been living in major crisis. All non essential things got axed. Weve been cutting corners on everything. I think the next month is going to be more of the same, tough and crazy, but we will get thru and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

On the kid front, we’ve cut way back on activities and classes. A lot of it is financial, but also, needing to simplify the schedule for all our sanity and health. Most of what we are scheduled now is social, like open gym time and physical, like gymnastics for henry. Zibby and I are doing a clay class too. Zibby spends a lot of her free time drawing, coloring, creating paper craft stuff, and playing dolls etc. She has a rich imagination. I love to hear the stuff she says when she is deep in play. She turns 8 in a few weeks.

There was a craft fair at our homeschool group today. The kids had their own tables with their handmade crafts and they all bought, sold and traded each other. Zibby made TVs with remotes. She used all our saved shoe boxes, put foil on one side, drew a picture on it, and drew a remote on paper and covered that with tape. She sold each and every one! for 1$ each! I thought they were kind of silly, but I guess I am not her target market :) She also made book marks out of giant paperclips and ribbon. She sold all of those, too. :) She also got some really cute stuff, so I think all the kids had fun.

Henry is 4. He is seriously into the Wii-he loves Kirby games and Mario games. He plays every day. He also likes to play barbies, cars, legos, and magnet (what are those things called? the ones with the marble balls and the connectors?) He likes to cuddle, to pretend to be animals (turtle, dog, cat), and to hang out with the family.

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