henry turned 3! last month! hurrah!

October 21st, 2010

in the meantime…

Henry turned 3. We held a party for him at Loyola beach with friends and family, alas, he fell asleep in his stroller as soon as we set up and didnt wake up until everyone left. The kid needs his nap, what can I say? The rest of us had fun, and some of the kids even went in the water.

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this picture was not taken on his birthday, but it has been a familiar sight all summer long at the park and beach.

Henry has developed a deep, very deep love of Cars, especially Lightning McQueen (aka Car McQueen) and Mater, and also for Buzz Lightyear. We have acquired a few Car figures and Henry will play with them for hours every day. He often insists on carrying one or two around with him in his hands all day long. Cars, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are on heavy tv rotation (along with a light sprinkling of Wall-E , Wow Wow Wubbzy and a new crush on a show called Pocoyo

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Henry is extremely friendly, says Hi to everyone, loves to cuddle and tickle and wrestle. He seems extroverted, like me, he likes people and wants to be in the middle of stuff and likes company all the time. HIs new recent foods to try are bananas and strawberries. He likes spagetti, chicken nuggets, sandwiches (turkey or bologna or ham), he loves ice cream and his Joe-Os.

He still nurses on a regular basis thru the day, and to fall asleep at night, usually. (Which Im fine with) I am experimenting more with delaying nursing when we are otherwise busy, like in music class, or if I think its more about his boredom than being really hungry or needing comfort. It works sometimes. :) He still generally takes a nap in the afternoon, but there are times when he skips it and goes to bed early.

Henry can also demonstrate a single minded focus on something that is quite impressive. Or infuriating, depending on your perspective and or ability to procure the item of focus. For instance, if he wants a particular toy or item of food, he will ask for it, incessantly, until it is manifested. It is supremely hard to distract him once he gets going. Obviously, if its something we can do, we do it, but sometimes…there is no turkey left or the buzz lightyear is lost or the borrowed Doc car had to be returned. or the pocoyo episode got deleted. that was unpleasant, btw.

anyway, for the most part, like at least, 99 percent of the time, henry is a perfectly delightful and wonderful person to have around. He always says how much he loves everything, is always curious about “what;’s next?”, he absolutely adores zibby and papa, and he has a wonderful giggle that is easily gotten with a little tickle to his thigh or neck :)

<img src="4 great iPhotos” alt=”" /> you know that poem about the girl with the curl on her forehead…same goes for henry!

we are all just crazy for our little guy, happy birthday (blog post one month late) to Henry!