summer chicken salad

August 8th, 2007

Have I ever posted this recipe? It is my summer favorite. I stole it from Rachel a few years back.
You will need:
cooked chicken,
red grapes (halved),
celery (diced),
red onion (diced),
walnuts (chopped),
plain yogurt
lemon juice
pepper (to taste)

So, similar to the mango salsa recipe I posted a while back, I use a very unscientific method to measuring ingredients. Basically, equal parts grapes, celery, onion and walnuts
summer chicken salad
then, add an amount of chicken equal to those four parts (so, if you did 1/4 cup of the first 4 ingredients, then you’d do 1 cup chopped chicken) I like to use rotisserie chicken because its super juicy and you can get a nice mix of dark and white meat. But if not, then just cooked chicken breast is ok, too.

Then you squirt about half a lemon all over the chicken and add your mayo and yogurt. For this batch, I would say that I used 1/4 cup each of the grapes, etc and 1 cup chicken. So I needed one nice big soup spoon of mayo and one nice big soup spoon full of yogurt, plus a liberal dusting of black pepper. Mixed it all up and voila!

summer chicken salad

I love it best on big round “entertainer” style crackers or a thick bagel. If you do it a couple hours ahead, the flavors meld together really well, but I also eat it right away, like today :)

two other tips: use some of the celery leaves, too-it really adds a lot of flavor, I usually sneak in extra grapes because it makes the salad so juicy and sweet. plus I like a grape in almost every bite. ;)

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