39 weeks

August 31st, 2007

39 weeks 39 weeks

Ive been taking all these preggo belly shots with my computer camera and the photobooth program. Which means its too hard to get my head in the shot-if I remember I’ll try to get someone to take some whole body shots before I have this baby! :) We went to another tie dye party yesterday, so in honor, we wore some previous work. My shirt I did last summer, Zibby’s we did 2 weeks ago.

Buzz and I are going to go celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary sat night, instead of our actual anniversary which is the 10th. Although the 7th year is apparently wool I dont have anything picked out for a present. I think a brand new baby is going to have to do for this year.

cranky mama

August 29th, 2007

I’ve entered the cranky phase of pregnancy. Also known as the 10th month. We met friends at the Green City Farmers Market today, and it was hot and muggy and Zibby kept hitting me and kicking me and tapping me with sticks. ARGH!

I asked Zibby when Brother was going to arrive, and she told me I have to be patient. lol.

Here is our booty from the market:
farmers market booty

And then, we had a late lunch at Nookies, where I had the best french dip I’ve had in forever. It was SUPER yummy nookies french dip

Here is Zibby telling me with ASL that she is doing work on her placemat

Even though I went to bed at 9:30 last night and got up at 8:30 am I feel totally zonked and must go veg on the sofa for a while. zzzzz

out and about

August 28th, 2007

Multimedia message

Park day was extra fun yesterday. Zibby ran around for two hours non stop, Fiona gave me a million hugs, and I got to be the center of attention (somewhat) due to my impending birth :) or huge girth. either way.

my poor belly button 38 weeks 38 weeks

We had to leave early to go see my midwife, which was a bit of a bummer, because so many people came to park day! I wished we could have stayed longer. The mw appt was fine, nothing exciting. Well, after 39 weeks, I actually gained some pregnancy weight. 3 lbs. I keep joking that I better not get gypped of losing pregnancy weight since I didnt gain any. My belly keeps growing at an astonishing rate. The mw suggested I try to have the baby by next weekend. Maybe on “labor” day. ha ha.

After the mw appt we scooted over to Bucktown to pick up a food processor I procured thru Craigslist. I have been wanting one for ages and I got this one at a good price. We tried to stop for a hotdog at Hot Dougs, but it was closed already. Poor Zibby moaned that there was ‘no food anywhere in this city’…so we just decided to eat at home.

I think Zibby must be in a growth spurt. Her shoe size suddenly went up 1.5 sizes, which we discovered when I got her some new shoes last week. Then, for the past two nights shes slept 13 and 14 hours respectively. Last night she and I fell asleep around 5:30 on accident. She woke up around 9:30, but stayed in bed, and fell asleep again later. We got up at 8:30 am. So I wont be surprised if all of a sudden none of her clothes fit anymore! Im actually really excited to do the seasonal clothes switch, get out all the next season/size and put away summer stuff. I love going thru all the boxes of clothes. We’ve been lucky to have lots of hand me downs of really cute things, and then I supplement by thrifting. Must be some more nesting urges seeping out.

Did I post this before?
beach I have a shirt that says “Milk” on it to match hers. We got one for the baby too.

Last week we went to the Swedish American Museum with friends.
swedish american childrens museum swedish american childrens museum

They milked a wooden cow and rowed a boat :) Its a really cute place.

And on Saturday, we braved the mud and went to Ravinia to see Elizabeth Mitchell. It was a lot of fun!
ravinia ravinia

thats mud on frances’ derriere. she went slippity slip in a big slick. her mama fashioned her a skirt from a cloth napkin to wear for the rest of the day. see, cloth napkins are more than just good environmental policy :)

getting ready for baby

August 22nd, 2007

The midwife came for a home visit last night. My doula came too, and it was nice to go over stuff with them and talk about differenent scenarios, etc. The contractions and intense cramps have tapered off a lot yesterday and today. The mw checked me and said she thought nothing was imminent. Perhaps that helped me relax a little, too. Although, my belly is about as big as I ever imagined it could get and my belly button is out and about. At any rate, the little guy will arrive when he’s ready, and I guess I just have to wait a little longer. I am 38 weeks tomorrow.

The weather has been awful (either Africa-hot or raining cats n dogs) so we’ve been stuck indoors alot lately. I am going to try to find something fun to do and get outside today, even though its supposed to be 88 and tstorms. maybe we just need to walk in the rain!

Zibby has been loving the Elizabeth Mitchell music. She sings “This Little Light of Mine”, and “Little Bird, Little Bird”. I love to hear her sing!!!
My favorite is “Sack of Sugar” :)
Zibby also likes when I sing “I’ll Fly Away” from the O Brother soundtrack. She told me the other day that she loves my words and my voice. awwww.

What else is new? The freezer is stocked. The pantry is stocked. I got Zibby new shoes and weeded out all the old ones that dont fit anymore. The weather hasnt changed so I cant swap the seasonal clothes yet. I updated all my scrapbooks and photo albums. The baby stuff is unpacked and washed and in the drawers (except for the stuff in my brothers basement!!! stinky-call me back already!) so theres not much else I can do to get ready for baby except clean my car. And wait for my new nursing bras to arrive…

christmas in august

August 16th, 2007

ahhh, today, homeschoolers all across chicago will be removing the rubber bands off their shirts and socks and old undies and rinsing them in cold water until it runs clear, and then washing and then drying and then wearing their new tie dyed clothing.

its like christmas in august! I opened all mine this am and they are happily spinning in the washer right now. I’ll post pix later, but it was so much fun to see how they turned out! Our third annual homeschool tie dye party was a big success! we had a lot of colors to choose from, and a lot of folks participated, even the littlies :) Zibby was bummed that I didnt save her stuff to do at the end, so we ended up dyeing the clothes off her back! I hope everyone is happy with their outcomes.

today we are heading over to the Field musuem with friends. we hit the planetarium and the aquarium last week, as well as a childrens museum. ahh, the cool indoors during august in chicago. while 9 mos pregnant :)

Today is 37 weeks, full term. I can officially have this baby anytime now, at home :) Cmon baby! I’ve been having lots of ctx and crampy feelings, which I remember from the week before I had Zibby. Its so exciting and crazy to think that I am going to be the mother of two people very soon. I am also feeling very nesty and anxious and concerned about names for baby and everything else. I guess that just means that I really am 9 mos pregnant. ;)

Pics later of the tie dye!

I’m in a crafty sort of mood

August 13th, 2007

taken directly from kim’s blog, here are the rules:

It is simple. If you are one of the first three commentors on this post, then you are in. I send you a homemade gift sometime, er, soon. In return, you go to your blog and make the same offer. So, you’ll be making 3 things and receiving one.

Kim’s My list of useful FAQ’s

What if I don’t like my gift? Too bad. Mom taught us all how to be gracious.

What if I’m not crafty or artistic?

So? Do it anyway. There are millions of things to be made and some part of you needs to get in to the process of creating something with your hands. It is therapeutic and eye opening. Even if it is a paper airplane. You could always do an artist trading card…they can be easy or hard, depending upon your effort.

What about shipping?
Like I said, an artist trading card? That might cost one stamp or less. But if you want to make a bust of the recipient out of pine, go ahead.

End quote;

so, I signed up on Lori’s page, which means I will get something delish from her, and 3 people sign up here, and each will get something from moi. Then you post on your blog and 3 people will sign up from you. Cool, eh?

why tv is not bad for you

August 12th, 2007

Buzz and I like to watch America’s Test Kitchen and recently we saw them make a skillet pot pie with biscuits instead of a crust. I made the recipe Friday night, and have found a new favorite. OMG, it was so delicious. I tried it on biscuits and also on noodles. Either way, its perfect comfort food. Stouffers frozen meals used to have a creamy chicken noodle meal that my dad and I used to love, but they stopped making it. This is even better. Yum yum yum. And, the biscuits were cream biscuits (instead of butter) and they were super easy and tasty. I used the leftovers the next morning to eat with sausage gravy. The thing about ATK, though, is that some of the recipes have a ridiculous number of steps and take way too long to make. I have no doubt that the end result is superior, and its fascinating to learn the whys and wherefores of food science, but some recipes we wont ever attempt. Lots are easy, though, and we have found many to be good additions to our repertoire.

Another wonderful thing I saw on tv the other day was a show on the Ovation channel about South African music. Coincidentally, on VH1 Classic, they had a show called Classic Albums, and one featured Graceland by Paul Simon, which features Isicathamiya music, and happens to be one of my favorite albums. It was interesting to see Paul Simon talking about how the album got made and how he wrote the songs. I loved the interviews with Ladysmith Black Mambozo members talking about the sounds they use in the music, and how they mix their native language with English.

When people talk about how tv is awful for you, or smugly say that they dont have a tv or that they would never watch the “garbage” on tv, I think about all the really cool things I watch on tv. And I think about how much I love my Tivo, so that I can watch things when I want to, and I can search the guide and pick things to record in the future. I think I am lucky that my parents didnt have a snobby attitude about tv when I was growing up.

Other discoveries, not tv related, Zibby and I went to the book store today. I was looking for some magazines to veg out with, and I found a cd called “You Are My Little Bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell. Its from the Smithsonian Folkways collection. Its really really good. I also splurged on a new paperback and a magazine, and a slow cooker recipe booklet. Zibby got two new books, too. See, we read books and we watch a lot of tv, too. They can coexist :) We also eat chocolate and we also eat fruit smoothies and potato chips and steamed veggies :)

summer chicken salad

August 8th, 2007

Have I ever posted this recipe? It is my summer favorite. I stole it from Rachel a few years back.
You will need:
cooked chicken,
red grapes (halved),
celery (diced),
red onion (diced),
walnuts (chopped),
plain yogurt
lemon juice
pepper (to taste)

So, similar to the mango salsa recipe I posted a while back, I use a very unscientific method to measuring ingredients. Basically, equal parts grapes, celery, onion and walnuts
summer chicken salad
then, add an amount of chicken equal to those four parts (so, if you did 1/4 cup of the first 4 ingredients, then you’d do 1 cup chopped chicken) I like to use rotisserie chicken because its super juicy and you can get a nice mix of dark and white meat. But if not, then just cooked chicken breast is ok, too.

Then you squirt about half a lemon all over the chicken and add your mayo and yogurt. For this batch, I would say that I used 1/4 cup each of the grapes, etc and 1 cup chicken. So I needed one nice big soup spoon of mayo and one nice big soup spoon full of yogurt, plus a liberal dusting of black pepper. Mixed it all up and voila!

summer chicken salad

I love it best on big round “entertainer” style crackers or a thick bagel. If you do it a couple hours ahead, the flavors meld together really well, but I also eat it right away, like today :)

two other tips: use some of the celery leaves, too-it really adds a lot of flavor, I usually sneak in extra grapes because it makes the salad so juicy and sweet. plus I like a grape in almost every bite. ;)

August 7th, 2007

Hey, I forgot to write that last week we went to the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian in Evanston, Il. Its small, but has a lot of cool artifacts to see, and very child friendly. At each station there is something the kids can touch or do-like weaving or pounding corn or drum beating. THere is even a wigwam upstairs they can sit in. I found out that a wigwam is a structure with bark for its exterior, and a teepee has animal hides, usually buffalo.

Three days a week during the summer, at least, they offer a free craft for the kids. THe day we went they got to make pinch pots or coil pots using clay. Zibby preferred to make an abstract design and push corn kernals and shells into it.
clay art
What was super cool is that the musuem ladies didnt push her to do the project “correctly”, they just encouraged her to do her own thing. I tried to make my own little pot, but Zibby kept taking my clay. Oh well.

Last week we also completed our matching tops to wear to the Kaage family reunion picnic. My friend Tina came over and helped (ALOT) on friday. Our girls were amazing and pretty much let us work all day long. Sure, we had to feed them often and change the channel on the tv occasionally, but they were super great. Yay!

match match me and zibby and her swag from the kaage family reunion picnic

Everyone at the picnic admired us. Zibby got a pile of swag from Auntie Genevive-a talking angel teddy bear, a light up frisbee thing, necklaces, bracelets…and it was nice to see everyone again. It was oppressively hot and muggy, so I kept going indoors to chill. We have been in a real heat spell the last few days. Being 9 months pregnant in August is not my cleverest move. I’ve got 4 wks till my due date. I have a few items still to get from my Homebirth Checklist, and we want to figure out how the birth tub works :) I am feeling very nesty and want to get the baby clothes in the dresser, the diapers up from storage, everything washed and ready to go.

Today Zibby and I have to run a bunch of errands. We went house hunting yesterday and saw 10 houses. By the end she was realllly done. So, today is a light day. :) Here are two last cute photos…Zibby in her Breastfeeding logo shirt, and her stuffed animals, Flippy and Donut eating dinner

2 great iPhotos flippy and donut eating dinner

out on the town

August 4th, 2007

Last weekend Buzz and I went out to dinner, by ourselves! It was exciting. We headed over to a new neighborhood joint called Fajita and it was very yummy. I had fajitas, of course. Buzz had enchiladas and we also enjoyed a quesadilla appetizer, and homemade chips with salsa that was made fresh tableside. Not too spendy, and very tasty. They also have a childrens menu, so we will definitely will be back. Meanwhile, Zibby went over to play at our friends house, and they went on a bike ride to Navy Pier to see fireworks! Zibby had a fabulous time, and it may have well been her first bike ride-even if she did sit in a little car behind the bike. She got to stay out till 11 pm! :)

Today, we all went out driving around Evanston to find a meal before we hit the grocery store. We found Clarkesand had huge delicious plates of food in front of us in no time. Buzz had a club on rye, Zibby had mini hamburgers (there were two!) and I had steak quesadillas, because I have been craving guacamole lately. I eat some almost every day. mmmmm….
clarkes clarkes clarkes

and for your amusement, here are some of Zibby’s “funny faces” that she requests I take photos of.

P1010286.JPG P1010285.JPG

plus, Zibby “fishing” at Gompers Park with the Nug-gers
Zibby is the one in the orange flowered dress and pink hair

P1010289.JPG P1010293.JPG