my newest obsession

May 30th, 2006


a friend of mine gave me a tutorial last week (Thanks!) and now I am cranking out the movies day by day! It is so much fun! I have all this footage from the last two years, and now I can finally do something with it!

So far, Ive made the Zibby movie I (summing up two years made a 15 min movie)
and now I am doing my sisters Graduation movie and a movie about our two little girls (my sisters dd and my dd)

super coolio.

in other news, we had a hs group potluck today and in spite of the rain, it was fun. about 5 families were there, so it was lowkey and easy to talk to everyone there. I brought bbq chicken and coleslaw which seemed to be enjoyed.

Saturday there was a bday party for a nephew out in the burbs. It was hot and the pool was splashin. Zibby and I went on the trampoline and had a great time. Sunday there was much napping. And late evening grocery shopping. A pretty good Memorial Day weekend, overall. Oh, and I gave myself and Zibby haircuts!

Pictures to follow later. I think I know where Zibby inherited her nightowl tendencies….in fact, I have to skitter off to bed now…at the wee hour of 1:32 am….

milennium park

May 22nd, 2006




May 21st, 2006

It has taken us a full week to get back to our customary sleeping pattern. A weekend of visiting family and staying up super late and excitement of dogs and cousins and endless dollie play severely disrupted me and zibbys sleep routine. She and I drove to Muncie, In for my sisters college graduation ceremony. Here we are (minus my husband) in all of our glory
Afterwards we all went out to dinner at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. Zibby got quite nervous when the flames appeared on the table right before our eyes. Or should I say, Eye.
I think it is so funny that she covered one eye only!


The little girls got along really well all weekend. There were some very funny moments between them. My brother earned his uncle stripes by hanging with the babies for stretches of time, most notably while we waited for our server at the restaurant.

Zibby missed watching her Signing Time show while we were gone, but she totally wowed everyone with her second language knowledge of ASL. I estimate she knows about 100 signs. One time during the weekend, she said “Mamas on the ba”. My dad didnt understand what she meant, so I was telling him that the translation was “nurse on the bed”. He looked at Zibby, and she made the sign for Nurse. But, the kind of nurse who works in an office. It was pretty funny. Come to think of it, I wonder if she knows what an actual nurse is. At any rate, the weekend was fun, but then all week we were zonked out and sleeping at totally crazy times of the day. For instance, last night Zibby and I fell asleep at 6 pm. I got up at 9 when Buzz came home and we ate dinner. Zibby woke up at 12 and she and I were up until 3. Today we got up at 8:30 and she napped at 4, and fell asleep by 12. Pretty usual for us, so I think today we are back on track.

Thursday we went to the NPNC



The kids liked throwing pebbles in the pond and watching the fish. We also went for a walk around the pond and saw a big black frog. We were all snacking on our picnic blankets when the rain came, so we went into the Nature Center building and played in the reading room and checked out the beehive.

Sitting out by the pond picnicking reminded me of when I was little and my mom used to take us to parks or the forest preserve for picnics and playing. Good times. Speaking of olden days, yesterday I drove out to the burbs and I drove around the block I grew up on. They have painted our yellow house a weird grey color and updated the landscaping. Some of the other neighborhood houses were the same color, some were new. It was really weird to be sitting in my car staring out my childhood home. Surreal.

I drove all around and even though I couldnt tell you the street names, I knew my way around, and I had all sorts of memories coming and going, and it made me wonder how growing up in the city will affect my kids and how different it will be from my experience in the burbs and how interesting it will be to see what happens. Thats basically how I feel about my life these days.

It is pretty interesting to see how things are happening.


May 8th, 2006

I feel compelled to confess that I do not listen to NPR. Apparently, everyone else I know does, but not me. I actually did listen to NPR for a time, in the ams getting ready for work, and that is how I heard about the 9/11 attacks, but then, all that seemed to be on NPR was 9/11 talk, and it made me cry all the time, so I quit and never looked back.

I dont like talk radio. I am not an audio person. Actually, I dont even listen to the radio very often, because I cant stand the commercials. Since we got a Tivo, and have been able to ff thru commercials, I have become extremely intolerant of them on regular tv or radio. I do listen to music, on cds. But frankly, half the time, I have no idea what the lyrics are. I often have no idea what a song is actually about.
Back when I was a brooding teenager, and spent oodles of time reading the lyrics of all the tapes I listened to, then, sure, I knew the words. I need to read the words to be able to hear the words in the song.

So, no talk radio. No NPR.

I also have an extreme aversion to battery operated toys that make noise. This might be related to the auditory thing, but the incessant drone just makes me want to stamp over and destroy the damn thing. Or at least turn it off. I realize that this is my personal issue, so I try to be as accomadating as possible. Sometimes it is just TOO much. Honestly, I cant remember us having very many noisy toys as kids. We had a speak n spell. And I think the same toy, but for math. We had board games up the wazoo, dolls, rollerskates, stuffed animals, and I am sure my brother had plenty of cars/soldiers/action figures. We had an atari. And a basement where we had lots of imaginary play (school, restaurant, roller disco) but I dont recall noisy toys.

I mean, for heavens sake, children are noisy enough without adding wailing plastic into the mix, no?

thursday was bad. friday was good.

May 6th, 2006

Soooo, thursday *I* had sour tummy. yugh. very very bad. Apparently all my sour tummy was concentrated in one bad day, since today I woke up feeling pretty good. and then we went and had a darn good day.

first, we hit the North Park Nature Center, to meet up with some friends. We had lunch outside, then wandered down to the pond and saw deer and koi. Zibby and her pal threw rocks in the water and made splashies. Then we attended a class on poop. Animal poop. Zibby didnt care about the class at all. She kept wanting to go peep at the beehive and the water fountain. all good.

Zib and I went home for nursie and nap, and then later two of my mom friends and their cumulative four kids came over. We ordered Thai and took photos on the computer. After dinner we went to a nearby church that hosts a monthly all-ages dance. there was a pre-dance show of Indian music and chanting. I looked and who did I see? Buzz’ and my old friend Rich, who performed our wedding ceremony! He was playing the guitar and chanting like all get out! Awesome. Zibby wasnt that into the chanting, though. So we went outside where there was a drum circle. Holy cowboy was it hippie dippie. And fun.

It was getting a little chilly outside, and Zibby was saying she was tired, so we walked home. As soon as we got in the door she said “bed!” (well, she says “ba”) so we went to bed and she fell asleep asap. Then I got up and watched tv for two hours all by myself! and ate chocolate! and no one bothered me! it was amazing.
not for buzz, though, since he went to bed at nine, not feeling well. hope his sour tummy doesnt last long, either.

May 4th, 2006

This effect is called Thermal. So I call this picture Thermal Nuclear Family
Photo 16

Zibby insisted on taking these and plenty more pictures of her feet. (in x-ray effect)
Photo 43 Photo 25 Photo 23

and then, these are cool, too
Photo 19

Photo 31

still sour tummy

May 3rd, 2006

more sour tummy, more laundry, more laying around on the floor watching Signing Time.
zib slept quite a lot today, so I, in addition to laundry, swept, mopped, scrubbed, cleaned, and threw out.

after dinner we went to C and Ms to pick up a prezzie for Zib from Cs mom, and check to see if our spare keys still work there. then we went to the puter store and bought ourselves a new puter!!!

we spent so much money that a manager came over to us in the checkout line to thank us.
Photo 2

now I am going to spend a bazillion hours playing and figuring stuff out! YAY!

sour tummy

May 2nd, 2006

Zibby has “sour tummy”. I was in denial about it all weekend, but today she was sick several times, mostly on me. I guess thats what mommies are for. I made chicken soup for dinner, but all she wanted was chips and pineapple. She kept that down, actually. And was in bed before nine. She must really be sick.

Sorry to everyone who we may have given our bug to all weekend long, hither and yon, to and fro, etc, and etc.

We had to leave Gym Day early, but was a blessing in disguise. I got packages from a variety of carriers, and I was home to receive them all. Books, Bitty Baby stuff, and NFB stuff. I think the new trike arrives Wednesday.

I was catching up on my tivo recordings, and watched an episode of Little People, Big World. I like this show because it is fascinating to see a slice of family life, dealing with their issues and challenges. The family clearly is tight. And it is surely interesting to see Little People and hear their perspective on things. One of the kids is a Little Person, and he and his dad went to a LP conference. This kid says the reason he likes the conferences is because he can just watch ‘his kind’ (of people) interact, which he cant do at home. He just likes to be around his own folks and feel normal.

And that exactly describes how I feel about hanging out with my unschooling friends. I remember a day last summer. I had just started going to this one group’s events. One of the moms invited everyone over to her family’s pool in the burbs. Although I didnt know her very well, I went. There were all sorts of folks there that day, and some of them were friends or family and not necessarily unschooling. But they were all open and tolerant and interesting and there were breastfeeding babies and toddlers all over the place, and everyone brought food to share, and everyone was talking and hanging out, and I remember thinking

“These are my people” and I knew I would make some friends that summer.

This is why I really want to go to the conference in NM this fall. I want to meet more of my people. I want to spend a weekend immersed in unschooling and unschoolers and just watch my kind do what they do, and see how they do it.

social butterflies

May 1st, 2006

We have been busy little bees!

Last Thursday we hosted Playgroup at our house. No injuries to report, plenty of fruit and crackers eaten, and balloons played with, and kitten chased mercilessly. Friday we went a-visiting to a new friend’s house. A newish family to our homeschool group had us over, and we had a great time. Zib immediately adopted a dollie (or two, or three) and we enjoyed some yummy broccoli quiche and spinach salad and lots of talking and getting to know one another.

They live in a cool house with scads of art and artistic touch and thrifted goodies and a pink painted playroom. The girls played dress up in scarves before we left. Zib and I went home, nursed for a spell, and then headed over to another friends house to babysit for a couple of hours. After that, we went home and zib fell asleep, so I scarfed down some dinner, and then we went to our third engagement of the day.

Our last stop was my friend, Barrie’s. I helped her figure out some blogstuff, and our kids made some fantastic messes. By the time we got home it was after ten. Might have been eleven. I stopped at CVS to get cough drops, as my throat was feeling very yucky. There was a homeless guy hanging around the door. He didnt say anything to me on my way in, but on my way out he asked me for some money.

I didnt give him any, but then I drove away feeling horrible and guilty and sad and sorry for him and ashamed of myself. I never know what to do when someone asks me for money. I mean homeless people. I mean, I would give a friend in need any amount that I could, you know? So why do I not give a buck or two or more to someone who could clearly use it? I will have to think about that, deeply.

Saturday, I convinced Buzz to come along to the park for a park district “toddler romp” with free music, animals to pet, and activities. There was also a block sale nearby, so I got to peruse all the yards, and I bought a Moosewood Cookbook. Later that afternoon I went by the Lill Street studios to see an exhibition of kids artwork. Pretty cool! Then I hit the Whole Foods and Trader Joes, and by this time, my head cold was severely limiting my ability to breathe.

I called Buzz and asked him to start dinner while I was on my way home. Zibby went to sleep at 8 pm! And got up at 8. I think she is sick with something…she threw up Friday night/Sat am, but Sat was totally fine. Today I spent a lot of the afternoon napping, recovering from my cold. We made an appearance at a friends birthday party, then came home for taco dinner. My brother came over. It was all we could do to keep Zibby up until we finished eating. She was asleep again by 8. ALthough, at 10ish she was fussing and crying. I held her for a while, and she seemed to go back to sleep, but then she threw up again. Now, she is sleeping…not sure what the trouble might be.

Maybe we are doing too much?

Tomorrow is Park Day with the Unschool Group. I had such a good time last week, so I woudl really like to go, but if my little monkey is sick or the weather is bad, maybe we will just have a stay home day.