September 19th, 2014

Henry has turned 7!

For his birthday, he was very specific. He wanted chocolate cake, to open presents, and to listen to Katy Perry’s Birthday song ON his actual birthday. He did get to open some presents-some Lego, some Minecraft figures, and a pair of nunchuks.

Henry is now 4′ 3” tall! He wears a size 2 youth shoe. He likes his hair longer. He likes to wear sweats or shorts and tshirts.
Right now his interests include Lego-ninjago or minecraft, watching shows like Pokemon, Digimon, watching YouTube lego demos or gaming walkthrus. He likes to play MC on the laptop and he likes to play some apps on the ipad. He likes PVZ2, Micromon, Terraria.

He has a couple of best pals who we get together for playdates with. He likes to play with stuffed animals of Mario characters and he likes to play Uno with the family. He is very sweet and giggly and fun to be around.

He loves to eat Ramen noodles for breakfast everyday. Other food faves include chicken nuggets, hamburgers, matzo balls and chicken soup, pizza and calzones. He still loves chocolate ice cream. He likes strawberries, golden delicous apples, and grapes.

He likes swimming, playing with friends, snuggling, being read to at night. He comes in to snuggle with me almost every morning.
Its an awesome way to start my day :)

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Henry!!!

Park Date

July 8th, 2014

My sweet and lovely daughter, holding the youngest child of my dear friend Cate. Cate and I have been friends since grade school.
I love that our kids play together.

Today was a perfectly lovely summer day. There was a breeze, gorgeous clouds, blue blue sky, and friends at the park.




July 8th, 2014

Henry lost his first tooth!


It happened on July 2nd. Zibby lost her first tooth on June 25, the year she was 6. I checked because I thought I remembered hers being around the 4th of July and it would have been weird if it was the same date. It wasnt, but pretty close.

He immediately discovered two other loose ones. We call them “Looseys”. Zibby also has two Looseys and they might be her last baby teeth to go. Milestones.

Father’s Day 2014

June 16th, 2014

I love family photos. On Sunday we went to my In-Laws for Father’s Day. I found this gem of my husband and his dad:


umm. see any resemblance? this is henry last summer:


Three generations of goofballs in one photo:


We had a lovely afternoon visiting with Buzz’ parents and brothers and sister in law and nephew and niece, and eating a variety of grilled meats. Very summery and very tasty.


Urban Picnic

June 16th, 2014


Today my lovely friend Nina picked us up and we drove downtown (Chicago) to go to Millennium Park

There are free live music concerts on Mondays during the summer. There is also an awesome fountain that people are allowed to play in. We did that first. The kids ran around and got soaking wet for a while. Then we helped them change and went over by the music. We ate our picnic and then the boys took off and played hide and seek, climbed trees, and kicked around an empty pringles can. Big fun.

Right as the music ended, lightning and thunder and huge wet raindrops started. There was a huge mass exodus from the surrounding lawns. We left also, but the rain stopped pretty quickly, which was great, because we parked a half mile away and we had 5 children with us.
All in all, it was a very successful and fun outing!

Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering 2014

May 26th, 2014

We went to the UWG ( Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering) at the Kalahari resort in OH last week.
We had gone twice before, but hadnt been able to go the last few years. This year we went with a friend of mine and her two kids and shared a suite with them. We had a blast! I didnt actually make it to very many of the talks but I did get to hear one. My kids enjoyed the waterpark thoroughly and we rocked out at the Family Dance. My daughter had a table at the Kids Marketplace and sold almost all of the jewelry she brought. She even ended up making some custom orders! She did really great. We saw old friends and made new friends. We even have a playdate set up this week with people we met there! Im so glad we got to go this year.

The Artist at Work


Henry and our friend coming down the Victoria Falls ride. I went on it once. That was enough for me :)

Zibby and our friend enjoying a quiet moment in the wave pool (alternated between fun waves and flat calm)

Could NOT get Henry out of the pool most days!!


May 4th, 2014


we had fun with bubbles today at the park.

Family Selfy (Famelfy?)


afterwards Buzz went to go watch hockey playoffs and I took the kids to one of my first favorite diners



Ed Debevic’s. They are famous for service with a snark, and they also do hourly dances on the countertops. Its a fun place, that I really loved as a kid. Today while we were there, I won a trivia question! It was “which movie was the tv show ‘Alice’ named for” and it was “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” which I have actually seen. I won a keychain. I gave it to Henry and he gave it to Zibby. The kids had a good time. Burgers, Milkshakes, Fries and I had the turkey dinner (perfect diner food!)

Universal Birthday Party

May 2nd, 2014

It was our last day of indoor open gym meetup for our homeschool playgroup, so we had our annual Universal Birthday Party.

Everyone brings snacks and this year we had both cake and ice cream. One family made a pinata full of candy, this year with drawstrings (20 kids and 1 bat doesnt work so great)

All the kids bring a gift for the grab bag exchange. The rule is that there are no baby gifts (even babies dont like them) and they have to come from the dollar store/thrift store. Zibby swapped several times to get the gift she brought, sparkly barrettes. LOL.

As usual, they played games, ran around, gave piggy back rides, and had an allround good time.

Group Photo!


Art Institute

April 29th, 2014

Today I dropped both kids off at a playdate.

I decided to try visiting the Art Institute, telling myself that if I drove by and found street parking, Id go in.
In case you did not know this, the Art Institute offers free admission to educators in Illinois, including Homeschooling Parents.
So I went in to the education center and registered and got my card.

I carry an ID that I made using a template from online
These IDs come in very handy at all kinds of places that offer educator discounts.

I didnt have a lot of time, but I wandered around the modern wing for a while. There were some school groups doing some sort of bingo/scavenger hunt type of thing. I sat on a bench and admired some paintings. Its something I see people do in movies and so I wanted to try it. It was nice. I checked out the gift shop and found all sorts of cool items but I did not buy any of them. Id like to go back soon with Zibby and show her some of the really big impressive paintings.



April 28th, 2014

Sunday was Kids Day at C2E2

It was our first time going.
There were a lot of people dressed up, its called Cosplay (COStume Play)

Everyone was very gracious about posing for photos with us.
We were most impressed with the Steve costume we say. It was covered in duct tape, but articulated and had foam cushions on the inside to make it comfy for the kid who was wearing it. Very well done.


The kids picked out some plushies. Henry found a Sword Kirby and they got some Minecraft ones…a pig, an ocelet and an enderman.
Zibby and I picked out a couple of lovely necklaces, too.

And I got to see lots of Star Wars stuff: