Paper Planes

April 22nd, 2014



We got a cool book that has specially printed paper for making airplanes. It comes with instructions for 4 different designs.
We made a few today



Take A Number

April 20th, 2014

Zibby created a ticket dispenser to use at our weekly homeschool play group. The girls often bring makeup and nail stuff, and Zibby thought it would be cute to make tickets for the girls waiting “in line” for their beauty treatments.

She used a box she made using Origami, created the ticket roll, and then fashioned a stand using a toilet paper roll.

Very inventive.



April 20th, 2014

Our friend Ruben hosted a family workshop on Geocaching.
We met at his house and he explained how Geocaching got started, and the basics on how to get started. Then we were off!

First, Ruben showed us a geocache that he had placed. Then we set off to locate two more.


Using an app, we located the general area.


After we found it, we all signed the log and went off to find a second. “The Ruby”




Pi Day and other foodstuffs

April 20th, 2014

Im totally behind on this, but it was fun, so I thought Id share.

March 14 was Pi Day

A friend of mine hosted a Pi Party at her house, and she made a zillion pies for it. Here is a photo of the savory sampler plate I assembled for myself. Pies: Chicken Pot, Kale Quiche, Cowboy, and Tourtiere

One morning, Zibby got up first and made herself a lovely breakfast (which she still says, adorably, brefkist)


Ive been baking and cooking a lot as well.





April 20th, 2014

On Thursdays, we spend the day at a co-op of classes.

I teach a class called Fun & Games. Before I started school, my mom babysat kids in our home during the week. I can remember their names. I often think back to the things we did, when Im planning my Fun and Games class. My mom used to lead us in “calisthenics”. So, I also do that with my class. Jumping Jacks, Arm Circles, Toe Touches, Sit Ups, Wheel Barrow Walking. I found some cute little bands for 3-legged walking (instead of having to tie their legs together, its a velcro scrunchy type thing).

We often have bubbles.

The past few sessions, my daughter and I have been taking Egyptian Bellydance. She also takes Art of Chainmaille and has acquired a serious hobby and interest in making jewelry. This session she is also taking a class called Rock Band. Their are guitars and drums and they are working on learning the song, “Happy”. My son is taking an art class and a handwriting class. The teacher is really creative and has a background in Occupational Therapy so its more fun activities than just copying letters from a blackboard. He is also in gaming club, which he loves.

During breaks you can often find him snuggled up to his friends, playing plants vs zombies or minecraft.


7 years of blog!

March 27th, 2013

wow! this blog is almost 7 years old!

We’re still here!

Today was a slow, at-home day. We found a whole season of one of our favorite shows, 6teen, on youtube, so we watched that together. Both Henry and Zibby are super into it lately.

After dinner (I made chicken nuggets from scratch-time consuming, but very worth it!), we played Uno and Memory. I also got out two games that I think I acquired at a homeschool resource swap, and played those. Ive had them for a while, actually, but this was the first time we played them. The first was a game called Lets Go Sailing Its one of those hippy dippy (TM) cooperative everyone wins games. I snark a little, but it was fun and the kids liked it. The other was a box of colored plastic rods and balls that made joints. Those were fun, too. We all made some fun designs. Zibby made a symmetrical ‘art’ piece. Henry made a structure that he explained was a house. We flipped all the designs over and around to see if they would still stand up on their other ends, and if they still made sense or looked like something else. It was just fun messing around with the shapes.


February 16th, 2013

Zibby turned 9!

Zibby is 57 inches tall (4 ft 9in) and she weighs 121 lbs. She wears a size 4 shoe.

She loves fashion and beauty and makeup and music. She loves watching Charmed, 6teen, New Girl, as well as My LIttle Pony. She likes the Madagascar movies and many other movies. She likes drawing and making portraits and pictures. She likes to draw tattoos on herself and family and friends. She loves family time- we play games, go swimming, go to the park, visit with family and friends. She is currently really into Uno.

She likes to play with her American Girl dolls, put on puppet shows, making gifts for others.

Zibby is funny, sweet, sensitive, and very loving. She is so fun to talk to and be around.

Happy birthday to my Special Baby!

Henry turns Five!

September 13th, 2012

Henry is turning 5!

Happy birthday to my little boy!

Henry is a great kid. He is sweet and funny and loves his family, including our cat (he will remind you!)

His favorite things, in no particular order:

Ninjago the tv show, and the lego figurines and sets
Wii, especially Kirby, Mario, and Rayman games,
Chocolate :)
Being goofy
running around at the park
being with friends and family
McDonalds chicken nuggets
Dunkin Donuts chocolate frosted cake donuts

He has one alter-ego, Crazy Mohawk. Crazy Mohawk is responsible for all the naughty things that happen (lol)
Henry likes to cuddle and he sleeps with me and John.
Target is his favorite store. He likes watching walkthroughs on youtube of his favorite games. He likes to splash in the shallow water. He is not a fan of the beach or getting sandy.

He is 42 inches tall and he weighs 37.5 lbs He wears a size 11 boys shoe and size 5t or XS-S clothes.
He likes tie dye tshirts and long shorts. He likes to play with his sister. He likes to play Wii with me and John.

fun with

September 13th, 2012

Wordle: henry

Wordle: zibby